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Metrika Design provides professional Design services, interactive conceptual design, visualization and Design Development. Followed by CD production in different fields such as: Urban Design, Residential, Commercial, Mixed-used and Hospitality projects as well as production and set design. Our design experience ranges from large residential developments to single family units, commercial and educational architecture, aviation structures  to Interiors as well as furniture & production design for high-end and luxury brands. We have experience with traditional building systems and cutting edge prefab modular concrete systems. 


design and coordination

We believe the design process to be a cyclical one, beginning with a strong memorable and distinct concept leading a preliminary design and framing the execution documents for permitting, Construction Contractors and manufacturers.

Analisys and Concept Design- Preliminary Drawings - Design Development and Construction Documents is the sequence we follow for every project. The coordination between the Client, the design team, permit authorities engineers, contractors, printers, during this cyclical process is our strength.

concept development & visualization  


Presenting the initial idea of a project to the interested parties is the beginning of every successful venture. In addition to regular drawing and sketching techniques we use current technology in 3d modeling for not only visualization purposes  but also during the design process. With these tools we are able to work closely with our clients in the Conceptual & design development phase of each project.  



production and set design

Metrika Design has been envolved for the last four years in the design of different events and expo stands as well as object and furniture design in the highest level of quality and detail rigor. We have a highest standard of attention to detail expected by powerhouse design luxury brands and corporate parameters. 


We provide Construction Drawings, Permit Drawings as wel as shop Drawings for the manufacturing of event production objects, set designs and furniture.



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